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The Bob Zany Show #86: Christopher Titus

One nation, under Christopher Titus is smart, angry, honest and really, really funny. The Norman Rockwell’s Bleeding star gets truthy about surviving the morph from club comic to sitcom star/writer/producer. Not to be missed, Bay-bee!

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Bob Zany Show #84: Marc Price

How young was Actor/Producer/Comedian Marc “Skippy” Price when he started doing stand-up? So young that he had to plan his sets around his curfew. The Family Ties star shares great show business advice from a sitcom legend and–thankfully– explains the “Stranded Schmooze,” Bay-bee!
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The Bob Zany Show #79: Jimmy Dore

Join legendary comedian Bob Zany and his co-host Erin O’Connor every week as they sits down with the biggest names in comedy. You can’t get much better than this, Bay-Bee!!

THIS WEEK: Comedian/Writer/Political Pundit Jimmy Dore reveals why Rupert Murdoch’s Company Picnics are so huge and talks about his new book, “Your Country is Just Not That Into You.” If that’s true, then how do you explain the hickey I got in Arkansas, Bay-bee!

jimmy dore